In 1974, the first Super 8 Motel was opened in Aberdeen, South Dakota by Super 8 Motels, Inc., a new South Dakota corporation founded by two Aberdeen, South Dakota, gentlemen, Dennis Brown and Ron Rivett, with a vision. The company grew and changed over the years, and in 1993 with over 900 franchised locations the franchise portion of Super 8 was sold to a third party. At the time of that sale, the owners formed a new limited liability company, The Rivett Group, L.L.C. (TRG), primarily to own and operate its extensive inventory of wholly-owned motels, and to develop additional lodging properties throughout the United States. In addition to the Super 8 properties, TRG, along with it's other affiliated lodging companies, own and operate other nationally-recognized brands, including Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites.  TRG currently owns 6 limited service hotels nationwide. 
The Rivett Group, L.L.C., through its majority member, has many other affiliates, not only in the lodging industry.

  • Quest Alaska Lodges is a sport fisherman's paradise, featuring Hummingbird Island in Sitka Bay offering the finest lodging, fishing and culinary experience in the area.  For more information go to  or call (605) 229-8685.  

  • Refuge Preserve, a bird hunters paradise, Mina, SD.  For more information go to or call (605) 225-1933.

  • Hotel/casino properties in SD:

Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming, 601 Historic Main St, Deadwood, SD.  For more information go to or call (605) 578-2036 or (800) 838-2522.

Golden Hills Resort, 900 Miners Ave, Lead, SD.  For more information go to or call (605) 584-1800 or (888) 465-3080.

Palace Express, 395 Glendale Drive, Lead, SD.  For more information go to or call (605) 584-2000 or (800) 654-5323.

  • Quest Aviation, Inc. provides a full line of aviation FBO operations and services in Aberdeen, SD.  For more information go to or call (605) 225-8008 or (800) 848-8868.

  • Quest Hospitality Suppliers, LLC is a supplier of products and services to the hospitality, construction and senior living industries offering a full line of building hardware and furniture, fixtures and equipment.  For more information go to or call (800) 456-3441.

  • Quest Development & Construction, Inc., 2211 8th Ave. NE, Suite 2201, Aberdeen, SD.   General construction business.  For more information call (605) 725-6000. 

  • Vision Systems, L.L.C., 1016 Burdick Expressway East, Minot, ND .  We offer voice, data and high-speed Internet services, we change the way people work, learn and play, now and in the future. For more information go to or call (701) 838-5776.

  • Wild Oats Sports Bar and Grill, 322 S Main Street, Aberdeen, SD. For more information call (605) 725-6287.

  • Paramount Estates, L.L.C. is a luxury apartment complex in Aberdeen, SD.  For more information visit or call (605) 229-8631.

Contact Information:  The Rivett Group, L.L.C.

                                1910 8th Ave NE

                                PO Box 4850

                                Aberdeen, SD 57401

                                (605) 229-8685